‘Common Sense’ safety tips for pedestrians

Part I: Play it safe when it comes to railroad crossings
Part II: Train vs. motorists or pedestrians – the train will win

A number of organizations – Operation Lifesaver, the U.S. Department of Transportation and major railroad companies – joined together to launch the Common Sense campaign. The initiative aims to reduce the number of pedestrians who are killed and injured when trespassing around tracks and trains.

  • The only safe place to cross railroad tracks is at a public crossing—designated by the crossbuck.
  • Turn your cell phone and MP3 players off when you’re near train tracks. Forget texting, as it could be a deadly distraction near the tracks. Trains are quieter than you think, go faster than they appear, and do not run on set schedules.
  • Look both ways and listen before crossing train tracks. Expect a train at any time.
  • Anywhere other than a public crossing, stay off and away from the tracks.
  • Tracks, trestles, rail yards and equipment are private property. If you hunt, fish or ride your ATV on the tracks, you are trespassing.

Source: Operation Lifesaver

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