CN, Halifax Port Authority and Port Terminal Operators Introduce Innovative Supply-Chain Partnership Framework

MONTREAL — CN, the Halifax Port Authority (HPA), Cerescorp Company Limited (Ceres) and Halterm Container Terminal Limited (Halterm) announced “an innovative agreement” to better measure and align each party’s performance in the Halifax Gateway supply chain and enhance the port’s role as a preferred gateway on the east coast to Ontario, Quebec and the U.S. Midwest markets.

The agreement establishes clear and defined performance standards for these Halifax Gateway partners – CN, HPA, Ceres and Halterm – regarding times for unloading and loading containers between vessels and cars, the timing of the placement of rail cars at the terminals, and CN transit times to key markets in eastern and central Canada and the U.S. Midwest.

Claude Mongeau, CN president and chief executive officer, said: “I am very encouraged that key stakeholders at the Port of Halifax have agreed to work collaboratively on this initiative. This supply-chain agreement will align the parties’ interests in executing to plan, and support quality service to improve the competitiveness of the Halifax Gateway. This innovative pact will foster balanced accountability of each supply-chain partner and ensure data on performance will be fully transparent.”

Karen Oldfield, president and chief executive officer of the HPA, said: “This agreement between CN, HPA and terminal operators is ground-breaking, and it will help build on the port’s already strong competitive position as an East Coast North American trade gateway.”

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