Union Pacific Is First Railroad to Earn Eastman Chemical Company’s Highest Level Supplier Excellence Award

OMAHA, Neb. — Union Pacific is the first railroad to earn the Eastman Chemical Company Supplier Excellence Award for overall company performance.

The award signifies consistent performance in providing Eastman with high-quality products and services and working on Eastman’s behalf to improve the company’s efficiency and competitiveness. It represents the highest level of all awards presented in the Eastman Supplier Excellence Program.

“Customer service is paramount at Union Pacific and we are extremely proud to receive Eastman’s Supplier Excellence Award,” said Diane Duren, Union Pacific vice president and general manager – Chemicals. “Our entire UP support team in operations and dispatching, as well as marketing and sales, play very important roles in providing customer value.”

Established in 1991, Eastman’s Supplier Excellence Award is based on a supplier’s ability to meet the highest level of reliability and quality. Recipients are selected by virtue of their outstanding contributions in working to create value for the company.

In addition to these standards, a company’s corporate image and overall stewardship are considered, as well as its history of service to its customers.

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