CN: Focus on Supply Chain Collaboration Driving Positive Results for Western Canadian Coal Shipments

EDMONTON — CN said a comprehensive new supply chain approach to managing the flow of coal from mines to west coast terminals is helping the railway improve service to its coal customers and grow their volumes to Asian markets.

A series of clear metrics make the supply chain more transparent to CN managers – a weekly report shows how much coal is on hand at export terminals and mines, the arrival date of vessels at the ports, the amount of coal being shipped from mines, and the number of trains enroute to and from the mines.

Andy Gonta, CN vice-president of bulk commodities, said: “This end-to-end view of our coal supply chain, along with a focus on closer customer collaboration, improves coal logistics, which in turn allows coal producers to maximize sale opportunities. This approach also positions the railway and its customers to anticipate and solve any bottleneck issues well before they reach the boiling point.”

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