Critical for Northeast Corridor to Remain a Public Asset, Says Amtrak President Joe Boardman

NEW YORK – Amtrak president Joe Boardman participated in a roundtable discussion regarding high-speed rail in the Northeast Corridor hosted by House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman U.S. Representative John Mica.

Mr. Boardman made the following statement:

“It is critical for the Northeast Corridor to remain a public asset for the generations of Americans that are depending on our collective leadership to secure their future. It is about connecting the major metropolitan communities of the Northeast, and also connecting the Northeast to the rest of the United States.

“As a result of Amtrak’s stewardship and improvement of the Northeast Corridor infrastructure, train speeds have increased from 90 mph to 150 mph, America’s only high-speed rail service was introduced, and additional capacity was created to support significantly expanded commuter rail operations. We have collaborated with Northeastern states on a plan to make additional infrastructure improvements to the existing corridor and have unveiled a revolutionary vision to build a new corridor that supports 220 mph high-speed rail service.

“Amtrak was created by Congress precisely because the privately-owned railroads could no longer sustain the vital public service of intercity passenger rail. No other operator or company is prepared to mobilize to take over the operation of the Northeast Corridor nor are they funded to cover the long-term capital and operating costs.”

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