CN Announces Plan to Phase Out Fleet of DOT-111 Tank Cars

CN said it continues to take significant steps to strengthen the railway’s Safety Management System, with the goal of improving the safety of its transportation of dangerous goods.

“CN’s business agenda is anchored on running a safe railway — it’s the overarching imperative in everything we do,” President and Chief Executive Officer Claude Mongeau said in a statement. “We have developed a comprehensive work plan to bolster our overall safety performance and to enhance our strong record of delivering 99.998 per cent of dangerous goods to destination without a release caused by an accident.”

The comprehensive plan has three major components:

  • Preventing accidents through process, technology, people and investments as part of a sound Safety Management System
  • Addressing the risks associated with the older DOT-111 tank cars used in the movement of highly flammable products
  • Strengthening emergency response capabilities through sharing of relevant information with communities, training support, and mutual aid intervention protocols


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