MARTA Board Votes in Favor of Amendment Supporting Bonding Capacity and Expansion Plans

ATLANTA — The MARTA Board of Directors voted earlier this month to support a resolution to execute the 15th amendment to the Rapid Transit Contract and Assistance Agreement (RTCAA).

The intergovernmental agreement is between MARTA and its four jurisdictions: the City of Atlanta, Fulton County, DeKalb County and Clayton County.

The amendment outlines jurisdictional roles and responsibilities relating to the development of the MARTA system. It also ratifies the extension of the full penny sales tax levy through 2057, which the Georgia General Assembly approved in 2015.

“Our board understands the complex nature of this amendment and has voted to ensure that MARTA maintains and can improve our current level of service and maintenance, while moving ahead with our expansion plans,” MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker said in a news release. “We have engaged in extensive conversations with our jurisdictional partners and believe that they will approve the amendment which ensures the long-term viability of the system.”

Executing the resolution requires that three of the four jurisdictions approve the resolution. Adoption of the 15th amendment is necessary for MARTA to maintain the current service levels and capital program, officials content.

The capital program includes rehabilitating all 38 rail stations and the purchase of 254 new rail cars by extending long-term bonding capacity.

The amendment also enables the authority to move forward with expansion projects in Atlanta and Clayton County and continue planning for expansion in Fulton and DeKalb counties.

Following the board’s vote, MARTA will send a letter to the jurisdictions asking them to approve the amendment within 60 days.

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