Amtrak Completes PTC Implementation on Owned and Controlled Tracks

Acela at B&P Tunnel Acela, Amtrak, B&P Tunnel, Baltimore, NEC, maryland An Acela train emerges from the B&P Tunnel in Baltimore.

Amtrak said it has completed Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation on all its owned or controlled tracks.

Amtrak said the final piece of the project recently concluded with installation on approximately one mile of slow-speed track in the complex Chicago terminal.

“Completing PTC installation and implementation is a key component of Amtrak’s overarching commitment to the safety performance of intercity passenger rail for our customers, employees and the communities we serve,” Amtrak Executive Vice President Chief Safety Officer Steve Predmore said in a news release. “As leaders in PTC installation, Amtrak is pleased to achieve this milestone, and we will continue to work together with all of our partners to improve safety across the rail network.”

Amtrak officials said they are working with tenant railroads that operate over Amtrak’s infrastructure to complete interoperability testing and is on target for all tenant trains to be operating with PTC before the federal mandate.

By the Numbers

To date, Amtrak has made progress implementing PTC across the routes and equipment we control for the following:

  • All (550) Amtrak owned locomotives are fully equipped and PTC operable
  • All (11) installation/track segments completed
  • All (160) radio towers fully installed and equipped
  • All employees who require training to support PTC operations have completed training
  • 898 of 898 route miles are in PTC operation

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