MARTA Undertaking Project to Replace Crossover at Canterbury Junction on the Red and Gold Lines

(Photo courtesy of MARTA)

ATLANTA – The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is investing about $225 million to improve safety, reduce train delays, and improve the customer experience.

As part of the State of Good Repair work on its heavy rail lines, MARTA’s Track Replacement Project will replace heavy rail between Lindbergh Center, Buckhead, and Lenox Stations. The project includes work on a rail crossover at Canterbury Junction on the Red and Gold lines that prevents single-tracking operations.

The work is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 16 and end at 4 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 22. Rail service between Lindbergh Center and the Buckhead and Lenox stations will be suspended during this time, and MARTA will offer free bus shuttles.

“This State of Good Repair work reflects our commitment to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and longevity of our system,” MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker said in a news release. “These ongoing upgrades are designed to improve MARTA’s rail lines and are federally required for us to operate a safe and secure system. We ask that our valued customers and those living and working in areas close to these stations bear with us as we complete this necessary work.”

The Track Replacement Project is a multi-year effort that involves replacing track and switches throughout the rail system. Rail service north of Buckhead and Lenox and south of Lindbergh.

The Track Replacement Project is part of MARTA’s ongoing commitment to enhancing customer safety and experience.

MARTA is also undertaking a systemwide Station Rehabilitation Program that includes aesthetic and amenity upgrades, the Elevator and Escalator Restoration Program and the implementation of an improved audio-visual customer communication system (AVIS). MARTA is also proceeding with the purchase of new railcars, the largest capital project in MARTA’s history.

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