Greenbrier Receives Railcar Orders Totaling $670 Million

The Greenbrier Companies received new orders of 6,200 units valued at $670 million during the first fiscal quarter that began on Sept. 1.

The railcar orders are from a diverse mix of customers and comprise a broad range of railcar types, including intermodal, boxcars, gondolas, tank cars, covered hoppers and automobile-carrying railcars.

In addition to the new railcar orders, Greenbrier received orders to rebody 1,400 railcars as part of its railcar conversion program. This follows orders for 1,300 railcar conversions in fiscal 2021.

“These orders, along with our $2.8 billion new railcar backlog as of August 31, 2021, provide Greenbrier strong visibility for fiscal 2022 and beyond,” Greenbrier Chairman and CEO William A. Furman said in a news release. “Importantly, it highlights the strength and flexibility of our global manufacturing and supply chain networks that support our integrated business model.”

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