CSXT, Union Pacific Combine for Free Emergency Fuel Delivery Diesel, Gasoline Included in Special Fuel Trains for Florida

September 15, 2004 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two special relief trains operated by CSX Transportation and Union Pacific Railroad were moving toward Florida today to provide fuel for emergency operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Frances, which struck the state on Labor Day weekend. The dedicated trains – one consisting of 20 cars and the other 24 cars – departed the Houston, Texas area recently and were expected to arrive in Florida at distribution points in Sanford and Tampa on Wednesday. The first train began its journey on UP rails and connected with CSXT at New Orleans; the second connected at Memphis, Tenn. to

City of New Orleans train to evacuate hundreds affected by Hurricane Ivan

September 15, 2004 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

WASHINGTON – Amtrak has temporarily suspended service to and from New Orleans, due to Hurricane Ivan. New Orleans is served by the City of New Orleans daily to and from Chicago, the Crescent daily to and from New York City and the three-days-weekly Sunset Limited to and from Los Angeles and Orlando. As the weather system approaches New Orleans, which is below sea level, local officials agreed to a delay in erecting the last gate in the levee system in order to allow an expanded City of New Orleans train to depart northbound this afternoon. An additional set of rail

‘Quiet Zone’ Operations Begin on Four-Mile Stretch of CSXT Lines in Chicago

September 15, 2004 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

CHICAGO – CSX Transportation (CSXT), the rail unit of CSX Corporation, has begun horn-free operations in a “quiet zone” on a four-mile stretch of its tracks extending through Blue Island, Evergreen Park and Chicago. Trains passing through the quiet zone will not sound their horns unless hazardous or emergency conditions occur. The quiet zone is a demonstration project funded by the State of Illinois and sponsored by State Representative Kevin Joyce, CSX officials said. Construction began on the quiet zone in November 2003 and was substantially completed in early September 2004. New conduit, cable, signal houses, four-quadrant gates, loop detection

Again? Railroads Alter Plans as Frances Approaches

September 3, 2004 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

TAMPA, Fla. – Not again. Just weeks after Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley disrupted rail service in the southeast, another storm is doing it all over again. This time, Hurricane Frances is causing railroads throughout the southeast and along the eastern coast to alter their operations. “Many uncertainties remain about the track of the storm, and plans will be updated based on changing information,” CSX said in a service bulletin. “From Auburndale, Fla., south to Miami, all counties have closed their schools and all public transportation has been suspended,” the bulletin continued. “CSXT has discontinued rail service from Auburndale,

NTSB: Rail Fatalities Down

September 3, 2004 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

Rail fatalities decreased in 2003, newly released information released by the National Transportation Safety Board shows (NTSB). Total rail fatalities decreased from 861 to 767 with every category showing improvement. Two rail passengers were killed in 2003 compared to 7 passengers in 2002. Fatalities at grade crossings also decreased from 357 to 329.  In 2002 light rail, heavy rail, and commuter rail reported 220 fatalities. In 2003 the number dropped to 173. However, because of peculiarities in reporting requirements, there may be some duplication in the numbers for intercity rail and commuter rail on the accompanying chart, the NTSB notes.

Where the Tracks No Longer Run

September 1, 2004 Todd DeFeo 0

ROSWELL, Ga. – Today, not a foot of railroad track lies in this Atlanta suburb. And surrounding communities, such as Dunwoody, offer a similar fate, unless modern-day subway tracks count. But, less than 100 years ago, a narrow-gauge short line railroad once served this community, connecting it to a major thoroughfare between Charlotte and Atlanta. Beginning in 1881, trains operated from Roswell Junction — modern day Chamblee — to just before Roswell, on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. The history of the railroad, however, dates back to 1853, when Roswell King, then president of the Roswell Manufacturing Company, envisioned

Officials: Two Men Planned Subway Attack

September 1, 2004 Railfanning.org News Wire 0

NEW YORK — Two men — a U.S. citizen and a Pakistani — were arrested in late August, authorities charging them with plotting to detonate a bomb in the New York subway. “They had the intention to cause damage, to kill people,” The New York Post quoted Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as saying. However, the men “did not immediately have the means to do it.” Authorities say the two men planned to use bombs in backpacks to blow up the Herald Square subway station, The Associated Press reported. The man also planned on placing explosives at stations located at 42nd