MARTA Ridership Jumps 13.2 Percent in July

ATLANTA — MARTA provided service for over 14 million passengers during July – a 13.2 percent jump in ridership over July of last year.

Ridership increased across the board for all modes of transportation including increases of 12.9 percent (7.8 million boardings) for rail, 13.6 percent (6.2 million boardings) for bus, and 18.2 percent (37,000) for MARTA’s mobility paratransit service for seniors and disabled customers.

“Thanks to rising gas prices, we’ve had a great opportunity to introduce new customers to the system, and we are extremely pleased that more people are taking advantage of the affordable cost and convenience of our service,” said MARTA General Manager/CEO Beverly A. Scott.  “We look forward to these new customers becoming regular riders as they continue to discover all the great benefits of taking transit.”

With the significant spike in gas prices this year, MARTA’s affordable fare of $1.75 for a one-way trip has made it a great option for customers.  Since the spring, MARTA has seen its ridership increase each month over the same month last year.