STB Releases Report on Capacity and Infrastructure Investment

WASHINGTON — The Surface Transportation Board announced that Christensen Associates, a Madison, Wisc.-based economic consulting firm, has completed a supplemental report to the U.S. Surface Transportation Board on Capacity and Infrastructure Investment.

The report augments the findings of Christensen Associates’ November 2008 independent study entitled A Study of Competition in the U.S. Freight Railroad Industry and Analysis of Proposals that Might Enhance Competition.

The Report looks at different measures of railroad capacity and analyzes how that capacity is affected by anticipated changes in the demand for rail services and the productivity of rail assets.  As with Christensen Associates’ 2008 Study, the Board anticipates that the Report’s analysis will be of great interest to policymakers and stakeholders involved in interstate freight commerce.

The Report was undertaken according to a contract the Board awarded to Christensen Associates in August 2008. Christensen Associates was engaged to analyze the long-term forecasts of rail demand that serve as the basis of railroad investment projections.