CN Makes New Offer to Union in Canada

MONTREAL — CN has made a new offer to the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC), hoping the effort will break the impasse and end a strike.

CN said it has not seen substantive movement by the union to end the locomotive engineers’ strike that started Nov. 28, 2009. “Unfortunately, the union persists in raising the same issues the parties have negotiated for 14 months,” the railroad said in a statement.

In a good faith effort to reach a settlement, CN is offering to:

— Agree to binding arbitration on wage and benefit issues

— Roll-back the 4,300-mile monthly cap for locomotive engineers to  3,800 miles, on the condition that the TCRC withdraws its work-rule  demands from the bargaining table.

CN said the TCRC previously offered to submit the wage portion of the dispute to final and binding arbitration upon successful resolution of the other outstanding issues.

If the TCRC agrees to CN’s offer today, the company would be pleased to draft an agreement for resolution of the labour dispute.