The Georgian train was a passenger train operated by the Louisville & Nashville and the Chicago & Eastern Illinois railroads.

It ran from St. Louis Union Station to Atlanta’s Union Station, with a section of the journey operated by the C&EI from Evansville to Chicago’s Dearborn Station. From Nashville to Atlanta, it ran on the tracks of the Nashville, Chattanooga, and St. Louis Railway. This train’s introduction made the C&EI’s Chicago-Evansville Whippoorwill train unnecessary.

The Georgian began operating in 1946 as a streamliner, providing sleeping and dining car services as a night train.

However, the L&N Railroad discontinued the Georgian in 1968. In its place, an unnamed St. Louis-Evansville train and an unnamed Evansville-Atlanta train were introduced. The Chicago branch from Evansville was eliminated, meaning passengers seeking an L&N route had to wait several hours at Nashville for a connection to the South Wind.

Amtrak chose not to pick up the St. Louis-Evansville and Evansville-Atlanta trains when it took over long-distance operations on May 1, 1971.

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