New Expedited Refrigerated Container Rail Service and Distribution Services to Begin Between Central Washington and Chicago

QUINCY, Wash. — Rail Logistics, Columbia Colstor, LaGROU Distribution and the Port of Quincy have started to offer a new expedited refrigerated intermodal “Cold Train” container rail and distribution service between Quincy, WA and Chicago, IL beginning the week of April 5.

This new 4-day, door-to-door Cold Train service will be available a potential of 6 days a week depending on market demands.

“In fact, we already have our new 53-foot refrigerated containers arriving in Quincy, Washington and are currently booking loads and will begin daily service this week,” stated Steve Lawson, Vice President of Rail Logistics.

“The PNW-Chicagoland Express Intermodal ‘Cold Train’ Service will provide Washington State produce and perishable shippers with a cost-effective and speedy new shipping option to the Midwest,” said Don McGraw, CEO and owner of Columbia Colstor.

It will connect growers and producers in the PNW and the Midwest by providing an intermodal pipeline between two of the largest cold storage and distribution operators.

“With fuel prices continuing to be relatively high and with the increasing pressure on shippers to reduce carbon emissions, this new intermodal service option from Central Washington to Chicago will give agricultural and other shippers a fantastic new alternative that is both economical and more environmentally sustainable,” said Pat Connelly, commissioner, Port of Quincy.

Pat Lombard, the General Manager of Chicago Cold Storage (a business unit of LaGROU Distribution) remarked that “the ‘Cold Train’ Program will not only enhance efficiencies in refrigerated commerce in the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, but eventually throughout the entire USA, which will benefit perishable shippers all over the country.”

“Also, a recent Shippers Open House in Chicago showed there was great interest by produce and frozen shippers and receivers in the Midwest,” added Lombard.

The Port of Quincy will be holding a formal Grand Opening event for the new “Cold Train” Intermodal Service on April 20, 2010 at 1:00 pm at the Port of Quincy Intermodal Terminal.