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Kenya to Seek Return of Famous Lion Remains

September 11, 2007 Voice of America 0

NAIROBI — Kenya is asking that a Chicago museum return the remains of the infamous “Maneaters of Tsavo,” two lions that terrorized workers who built a railroad from Uganda to the Kenyan coast in the 19th Century. The request from the National Museums of Kenya falls under larger efforts by the Kenyan government to recover fossils, artwork and other artifacts that were sold or looted before Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963. The National Museum will reopen at the end of the year after a two-year renovation, and it wants the treasures on display where they came from. National

Zimbabwe Railway Collision Leaves One Person Dead, 55 Injured

August 9, 2007 Voice of America 0

A commuter train collided with a freight train in Harare on Thursday morning, killing one person dead and injuring 55 others, with 17 of the casualties later reported to be in serious condition at hospitals in the Zimbabwean capital. Transport Minister Christopher Mushowe, who rushed to the scene of the accident, told reporters that human error caused the accident as someone in a control room of the Zimbabwe National Railways put the two trains on the same track. Witnesses said one passenger coach was reduced to mangled metal and blood-stained seats, with shoes and clothes strewn over the railway tracks. Many Zimbabweans

9 Missing in Flooded Chinese Railroad Tunnel

August 6, 2007 Voice of America 0

Nine workers are still reported missing in a flooded railroad tunnel in central China. The official Xinhua news agency said 52 people were at work building the tunnel early Sunday when water began pouring in. 43 of the workers were rescued. Officials are using pumps and boats to try to locate the missing workers. The 14-kilometer-long tunnel is part of a rail line linking Yichang City in Hubei Province with Wanzhou in southwest China. Heavy rains in recent weeks have triggered flooding and mudslides across central China. Xinhua says 78 people died and 18 are missing after three days of

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