City of New Orleans train to evacuate hundreds affected by Hurricane Ivan

September 15, 2004 News Wire 0

WASHINGTON – Amtrak has temporarily suspended service to and from New Orleans, due to Hurricane Ivan. New Orleans is served by the City of New Orleans daily to and from Chicago, the Crescent daily to and from New York City and the three-days-weekly Sunset Limited to and from Los Angeles and Orlando. As the weather system approaches New Orleans, which is below sea level, local officials agreed to a delay in erecting the last gate in the levee system in order to allow an expanded City of New Orleans train to depart northbound this afternoon. An additional set of rail

Again? Railroads Alter Plans as Frances Approaches

September 3, 2004 News Wire 0

TAMPA, Fla. – Not again. Just weeks after Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley disrupted rail service in the southeast, another storm is doing it all over again. This time, Hurricane Frances is causing railroads throughout the southeast and along the eastern coast to alter their operations. “Many uncertainties remain about the track of the storm, and plans will be updated based on changing information,” CSX said in a service bulletin. “From Auburndale, Fla., south to Miami, all counties have closed their schools and all public transportation has been suspended,” the bulletin continued. “CSXT has discontinued rail service from Auburndale,

Hurricanes Force Railroads to Change Service

August 12, 2004 News Wire 0

As Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley moved towards Florida, railroads were altering their services to avoid the storm. “If Bonnie remains on its current track, it is expected to move northeast through the Florida Panhandle toward Atlanta, Ga., and then proceed toward the Carolinas and the Atlantic Coast,” CSX said in a statement. “CSX has no plans in place at this time to curtail operations at any location other than the area directly affected by the storm,” the statement continued. “Once the storm passes, tracks will be inspected and necessary repairs made before restarting rail traffic.” Bonnie was expected

Isabel Slows Trains

October 1, 2003 The Cross-Tie 0

WASHINGTON — Rail service along the eastern coast was slowed in September because of Hurricane Isabel. Amtrak, CSX, Norfolk Southern and other railroads between North Carolina and New York reported interruptions to their service due to the hurricane. Norfolk Southern implemented its contingency plan, taking extra safety precautions to assure the safety of employees and prevent damage to facilities, equipment, and shipments, the railroad said in a news release. This included moving equipment and shipments that have not yet placed within customer facilities, out of coastal and low lying areas prone to flooding. Likewise, CSX ceased some operations between Virginia

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