Editor Lectures on Clarksville Railroads

December 1, 2003 The Cross-Tie 0

Todd DeFeo, publisher of The Cross-Tie, presents a lecture — Railroads in Clarksville: The Present and the Future — to a journalism class at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tenn. DeFeo presented the lecture on Oct. 30. Much of the basic information in the presentation can be viewed at Railfanning.org. For more information, log onto: http://railfanning.org/trackside/clarksville/. Three major railroads passed through Clarksville — the Tennessee Central Railway, later the Illinois Central Gulf; the Indiana, Alabama and Texas Railroad, later the Louisville and Nashville Railroad; and the Memphis, Clarksville and Louisville Railroad, later the L&N Railroad and today the line

Railroad History Runs Deep in Guthrie, Ky.; Trains Still Run

June 1, 2003 The Cross-Tie 0

GUTHRIE, Ky. — Driving into this small town, hugging the Kentucky- Tennessee state line, one can feel a sense of history, long forgotten over several decades. At one point in history, five railroads served the city. Today, one Class I Railroad and one short-line railroad still pass through Guthrie on a daily basis. Trains first reached Guthrie in the 1850s. And within the next 30 years, Guthrie became a hub for travelers and railroads. Trains left Guthrie, connecting to almost anywhere in the Eastern United States. The first, and most famous railroad to serve Guthrie, was the Louisville & Nashville

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