Antelope Valley Train Derails

LOS ANGELES – A southbound Antelope Valley Line train derailed at about 9:30 a.m., officials said.

The train struck a vehicle at the Buena Vista Street rail crossing in the City of Burbank and the collision resulted in the derailment of the lead cab car and the next 2 passenger coaches.

There were 4 cars and one locomotive on the train. The lead passenger car is on its side.

Preliminary reports from the Burbank Police and Fire Departments indicate:

  • 58 passengers were onboard Antelope Valley Line train 210 this morning.
  • Injuries to 4 passengers required immediate attention
  • 8 additional passengers were treated next
  • 20 more passengers were treated for minor injuries
  • Uninjured passengers have been provided transportation to the destination of their choice.
  • Eyewitnesses report seeing the driver of the truck struck by the train drive around lowered crossing gates.
  • Crossing warning devices apparently were working properly
  • 2 passing retired firefighters assisted injured passengers before local emergency response personnel arrived

This incident is north of where this line splits off towards Ventura County so that service is unaffected at this time. All other Antelope Valley Line service is stopped at this time. Injuries to the train engineer and a number of passengers were reported.

Metrolink, Amtrak, Bombardier and Los Angeles County Sheriff’s personnel are at the scene. It is likely that Antelope Valley Line service will be cancelled this afternoon. Heavy equipment is on its way to right the derailed passenger cars and repair damaged track.

There is a report that the individual driving the vehicle, which was struck, died at the scene. Train 210 carried an average of just over 90 passengers a day during the month of December.

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