Railfanning.org Launches Site Dedicated to Clarksville, Tenn.

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — Railfanning.org is dedicating a page to railroad history in this Middle Tennessee city bordering the Tennessee-Kentucky state line.

“Today, it’s easy to overlook the impact railroads had on Clarksville’s history,” said Todd DeFeo, who runs Railfanning.org.

“Railroads, however, are an integral part of Clarksville’s history. A railroad has served Clarksville since before the Civil War.”

The Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad first served in town in the 1850s and was later absorbed by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Later, the Tennessee Central and the Illinois Central Gulf also operated lines in the city.

“These roads are long forgotten by many,” DeFeo said. “However, they are responsible, in part at least, for shaping modern-day Clarksville. Without them, Clarksville might not have grown as it did.”

The site — https://railfanning.org/clarksville/ — will be available starting April 20. It will be updated over time as research is completed.


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