‘Does this train go to Metuchen?’

NEWARK, N.J. — A dozen eyes gazed down the tracks, hoping a train was close to the station.

“Train approaching on Track 8,” a voice said over the intercom system. I watched as a northbound commuter train arrived at a distant platform and people poured out of the string of coaches. Meanwhile, northbound and southbound express trains whizzed through the Newark International Airport transit station, en route to New York and Trenton, N.J.

Finally, a New Jersey Transit train could be seen approaching the platform, and with relief, the dozens of commuters picked up their bags in anticipation of boarding. I boarded the train with the others and quickly found a seat, thinking to myself “This isn’t that bad.” I had a suspicion, however, this train wasn’t bound for my first destination. So, when the conductor approached, I handed him my ticket and asked, “Does this train go to Metuchen?”

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