CN Opens Toronto Auto Compound

TORONTO — CN opened a new Toronto Automotive Compound at MacMillan yard north of Toronto.

The new facility’s track layout will accommodate the unloading of 60 auto-carrying rail cars at once, compared with 27 unloading spots at the former compound at Mac Yard, and will have room to park up to 4,500 vehicles. A planned phase two expansion of the compound will provide parking for 6,000 cars and/or trucks.

“Our Toronto Automotive Compound is a key facility in our vehicle distribution network in Ontario, the largest auto market in Canada,” said James Foote, executive vice-president, Sales and Marketing for CN. “Our new state-of-the-art facility will help CN increase the efficiency of vehicle transportation, accommodate more traffic, improve customer service, and better utilize our valuable real estate assets at MacMillan Yard, the largest rail classification terminal on CN’s network.”

The Toronto auto compound is one of 17 vehicle distribution facilities operated by Autoport Ltd. in Canada and the United States. A member of the CN WorldWide North America family of non-rail companies, Autoport extends CN’s transportation reach beyond its rail network.

CN has rail access to all vehicle assembly plants in Canada, numerous assembly plants in Michigan and one in Mississippi, and taps parts production facilities in Michigan and Ontario. It serves shippers of import vehicles via the ports of Halifax and Vancouver, and through interchange with other railroads.

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