Rough Tracks for Ohio Railway Museum

WORTHINGTON, Ohio — The Ohio Railway Museum appears to be facing rough tracks ahead.

“Due to technical issues we are closed,” a sign at the museum reads. An article in today’s Columbus Dispatch indicates the museum is facing a number of problems, including a Memorial Day incident that occurred after a “trolley-car pole … snagged, bending the pole and taking down the lines,” the newspaper reported.

“Trying to turn around 30 years of neglect with five or six volunteers on the weekend is not going to happen in a day,” The Columbus Dispatch quoted museum President Chris Howell as saying.

In a Sept. 1 posting to its Facebook page, museum officials said they are still planning to open this year.

“The Ohio Railway Museum is undergoing major reconstruction projects to improve the safety and appearance of the grounds and equipment,” the post read. “We have remained closed to the public for the current time in order to keep visitors safe. It is ours hopes to re-open this year for a limited time, but we have not set a time and date as of yet.”

The Ohio Railway Museum was founded 1948, and according to its website, the museum is the “fourth oldest railway museum in America.” In a March 29 posting on its website, the museum simply said: “We are planning on Reopening,” urging guests to “Please keep checking back for more updates and details.”

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