Mongeau: CN Has Unwavering Commitment to Moving Traffic Safely

Dangerous goods are an integral part of everyday life and that CN has an unwavering commitment to moving all traffic safely, Claude Mongeau, president and chief executive officer of CN, said today.

Mongeau, in a speech to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, said CN’s commitment to safe operations is more than a set of principles. It’s evidenced by the more than 50 per cent reduction in CN’s main-track rail accidents per million train miles in Canada between 2003 and 2013, and the fact that 99.998 percent of CN movements of dangerous goods arrive at destination without a release caused by an accident.

Mongeau said CN’s safety record flows from sizable investments in rail infrastructure — the company annually invests more than C$1 billion to maintain network safety and integrity — and an intense focus on employee training and safety awareness, root cause analysis of accidents, and technological innovation.

“Dangerous goods are an important part of how all of us live and a major business for us,” Mongeau said. “Because of that, we know we have a clear obligation to transport these products safely — it’s fundamental to the economy and to CN’s social licence to operate its business.”

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