NJ Transit Buying 25 Additional Multilevel III Rail Cars

(Courtesy of NJ Transit)

The NJ Transit Board of Directors this week approved the purchase of 25 additional Multilevel III rail cars.

The purchase exercises options on the original December 2018 contract with Alstom to purchase 113 new Multilevel III rail cars. The additional 25 cars in this action are funded as part of the Portal North Bridge project, increasing peak-hour peak-direction customer capacity.

“These new rail cars are a critical component of the Portal North Bridge project, which will allow us to meet our established goals for increased capacity,” NJ Transit President & CEO Kevin S. Corbett said in a news release. “Equally important are the benefits they will offer customers through improved reliability, comfort, and onboard amenities, including USB charging ports and state-of-the-art video infotainment systems.”

The 25 additional cars will include five multilevel cab cars, 17 multilevel trailer cars, and three multilevel trailer cars with restrooms. The Portal North Bridge project is funded, in part, by a $766.5M Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Core Capacity Grant.

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