Locomotive Roster

This is a partial roster and remains a work in progress.

814119020-4-0TStratton Brick Co.Macon, Georgia-based company.
8142119172-6-0Coulbourn Bros.Coulbourn Bros. purchased the locomotive for use in logging operations. In September 1923, the locomotive returned to Glover for resale. It is on display in Marietta, Ga.
13181819232-6-2Cliffside RailroadThe company built only one passenger locomotive. No. 131818, a 2-6-2 steamer, was built in 1923 for the Cliffside Railroad.
1016819252-6-0H.J. McNeill LoggingPurchased in 2020 by the Kirby Family Farm in Florida. Displayed August 1, 2020, at the Southern Museum in Kennesaw, Georgia.
712819260-4-0Splint Jellico Coal Co.Engine No. 7128 was shipped to Splint Jellico Coal Co. on June 30, 1926. In December 1927, the locomotive was repossessed and returned to Marietta where it sat for 70 years. The steamer was restored between 2001 and 2003 and is today on display in the Southern Museum.