The Raiders


  • James J. Andrews of Flemingsburg, Ky.
  • William Campbell of Salineville, Ohio

2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment

  • Sgt. Maj. Marion A. Ross
  • Pvt. George D. Wilson
  • Cpl. William Pittenger
  • Pvt. James Smith
  • Pvt. Phillip G. Shadrach

21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment

  • Pvt. John A. Wilson
  • Pvt. Mark Wood
  • Pvt. William J. Knight
  • Sgt. John M. Scott
  • Pvt. Wilson W. Brown
  • Pvt. William Bensinger
  • Pvt. John Reed Porter
  • Pvt. Robert Buffam
  • Sgt. Elihu H. Mason

33rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment

  • Cpl. Martin Jones Hawkins
  • Cpl. William H. Reddick
  • Pvt. John Wollam
  • Pvt. Samuel Slavens
  • Pvt. Samuel Robertson
  • Cpl. Daniel Allen Dorsey
  • Cpl. Samuel Llewellyn
  • Pvt. Jacob Parrott

The Pursuers

The Original Pursuers

  • William Allen Fuller: Conductor of the train pulled by The General
  • Jeff Cain: Engineer of The General
  • Anthony Murphy: Foreman of the W&A shops in Atlanta

Later Additions

  • Steven Stokely: Joined the chase at Acworth
  • Martin Rainey: Joined the chase at Acworth
  • White Smith: Rode ahead on horseback to check a small bridge along the road between Allatoona and Acworth
  • Edward Henderson: The 17-year-old telegraph operator from Dalton went to Calhoun after he discovered the telegraph line was down; in Calhoun, he boarded the Texas, and Fuller gave him a telegraph message to dispatch from Dalton

William R. Smith

  • Oliver Wiley Harbin: Engineer of the William R. Smith locomotive, which joined the chase at Kingston
  • Cicero Smith: Conductor on the train pulled by the William R. Smith
  • William Kernodle: Stoker (according to Gordon L. Rottman’s The Great Locomotive Chase: The Andrews Raid 1862)
  • Joe Lassiter: Brakeman (according to Gordon L. Rottman’s The Great Locomotive Chase: The Andrews Raid 1862)

The Texas

  • Peter Bracken: Engineer of The Texas
  • Henry Haney: Fireman of The Texas
  • Alonzo Martin: Wood passer on The Texas
  • Fleming Cox: A second fireman on The Texas