ARCADIS To Modernize Polish Rail

August 2, 2006 News Wire 0

ARNHEM, the Netherlands — The Polish operation of international consultancy and engineering company ARCADIS is part of a consortium that has been awarded the contract for the supervision and project management of the modernization of a 37.2-mile long section of the railway. The section to be revamped runs from Skierniewice to Lodz, in Central Poland. The total construction sum for the project will be approximately $280.5 million; ARCADIS’ fees will amount to $3.8 million. The project is part of the 78.9-mile railway line between Warsaw and Lodz, two Polish urban areas with more than 3 million inhabitants. Modernization of the

Get That Monkey Outta Here

August 2, 2006 News Wire 0

NEW DELHI, India – Officials here are battling a unique problem: They’re trying to keep monkeys out of the city’s subway system. As part of the battle, officials have brought in the langur, which The Associated Press describes as “fierce-looking primate.” The subway system has paid a retainer to a langurwallah – a man who keeps the langur. The decision was made after a monkey made his way into a subway car in June, according to an AP report that cited the Hindustan Times newspaper.

Death Toll in India Bombings Rises to 200

BOMBAY, India – The death toll in the July 11 serial bombings on Bombay’s commuter trains has risen to 200, with 714 people injured, according to the official estimate released by police. One hundred twenty seven victims have been identified and a further 56 remain unidentified, the estimate said. No group has so far claimed responsibility for the attacks. Indian authorities have said that the Kashmiri militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) may be involved. An LeT spokesman has denied any involvement. The day after the blast, schools, colleges and offices functioned normally in Bombay and the commuter train service targeted in

Dozens Injured in Italian Train Wreck

December 20, 2005 News Wire 0

ROME, Italy – As many as 50 people were injured Dec. 20 when two passenger trains collided near the Italian town of Roccasecca, located about 80 miles of Rome. A train traveling from Rome to Campobasso crashed into a parked train in the station at Roccasecca. The stationary train was traveling from Rome to Cassino. Crews spent some time freeing people who were trapped in the wreckage. Everyone was freed within hours of the 3:20 p.m. collision. No one was killed in the wreck, according to published news reports. In January, 17 people were killed when a passenger train and

Hundreds injured in Australian derailment

November 16, 2004 News Wire 0

BUNDABERG, Australia – Upwards of 160 people were injured Tuesday when a high speed train derailed, taking out trees in its path. “Thank God no one was killed,” news agency AFP quoted Queensland state Premier Peter Beattie as saying as he toured the wreck hours just after the crash. “When you look at the site it is in fact a miracle that no one was.” Authorities were unsure what might have caused the train, known as the “City of Townsville” express. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) sent investigators to the scene to investigate. “I was thrown against the window

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