Amtrak No. 40: Time for a Paintjob?

ATLANTA — On a recent jaunt to Washington, D.C., on Amtrak’s Crescent, I noticed something on the train’s lead Genesis unit.

It needs a paint job.

I’m not sure why it struck me. Perhaps, it was the most detailed examination of a Genesis unit I had ever given.

So, on my way down the stairs leading to the plat- form, I snapped a picture and captured the moment on film.

In the scheme of railfanning, it’s not an Earth shattering development. But, nonetheless, I found the picture compelling and be worthy of publication here.

The picture isn’t typical of what I’m aiming for, when I seek out trains. But, I think it’s an intriguing look at the weathered loco- motive as it sits, ready to take the long haul from At- lanta to Washington, D.C.

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