MARTA and Transit Stakeholders Discuss the Future of a Regional Rail System during a Three-Day Symposium

ATLANTA — MARTA joined with regional leaders and transit stakeholders during an informative three-day rail symposium on Feb. 18-20.

Participants received information on the latest trolley, streetcar and light rail technologies and discussed how these systems could be used for future expansion projects included in the so-called “Concept 3” regional transit plan.

“As we move toward implementation of an expanded regional transit system, it is essential that we take a thoughtful and creative look at the transit technologies that will work best for us,” said MARTA General Manager/CEO Dr. Beverly A. Scott.  “These invaluable professional exchanges allow us to work more closely together, share our plans with the world market, and gain tremendous insight on ways to build smarter and faster.  This is the first in a series of symposiums that MARTA will host as we move our focus to implementing our regional transit vision.”

Panel discussions and technology displays were provided to showcase the latest trends in the rail car manufacturing industry. Participants evaluated how effectively these systems could be applied to Concept 3 including regional expansion projects such as the BeltLine, Peachtree Streetcar, light rail and commuter rail.

Rail car manufacturers in attendance included: Alstom, United Streetcar, Stadler, Siemens, Kinki Sharyo, Breda, Bombardier, and CAF. Manufacturers collaborated with transit professionals to learn how their vehicles can be developed to best accommodate the region’s transit needs.

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