DeFeo Presents on Indiana, Alabama & Texas Railroad

KENNESAW, Ga. — Editor Todd DeFeo on Saturday presented a lecture about the Indiana, Alabama & Texas Railroad at the Southern Museum.

The railroad is the subject of DeFeo’s fourth book.

In his talk, titled “If you don’t succeed, try again: One community’s ‘success’ with the railroad,” DeFeo highlighted how the Clarksville, Tenn., community worked to build the railroad after the sale of the Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad to the Louisville & Nashville Railroad in the 1870s.

“Today, someone passing through the region probably would not even know this railroad even existed, as modern development has erased any traces of its route. Its roadbed has been obliterated by modern development,” DeFeo said. “If we were to write the history of American railroads, I’m not sure how many volumes we would have to write before we reached a railroad the Indiana, Alabama & Texas Railroad for inclusion. But that’s what makes the railroad’s story so interesting.

“In many ways, it’s the epitome of a 19th century railroad. It embodies the hopes and aspirations of a community. It engendered incredible feelings among citizens,” DeFeo added. “When it failed, it was a personal failure for them.”

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