The Flamingo was a night train for passengers that was operated by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. It began its service on September 27, 1925, traveling between Cincinnati and Atlanta, with sleeper service available between Cincinnati Union Terminal and Atlanta Union Station.

The train was operated jointly with the Central of Georgia Railway and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. From Albany to Jacksonville, the Flamingo traveled with the Seminole of Illinois Central, with both trains leaving stations according to the same schedule for the final segment.

In Jacksonville, passengers could continue their journeys to other parts of Florida on different ACL branch lines that served cities such as St. Petersburg, Sarasota (via Orlando and Tampa), Ft. Myers, and Miami. For those traveling to Miami, a transfer to the FEC’s Havana Special was necessary in Jacksonville.

The Southland also operated similarly, traveling from Cincinnati to Albany. However, the Southland traveled overnight through Georgia.

Service for the Flamingo was reduced to Atlanta in 1962, with the train being completely discontinued on March 7, 1968, and the name removed from its service on September 8, 1965.

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