Railfanning Review: A Conversation with Operation Lifesaver

Railfanning Review: A Conversation with Operation Lifesaver

On the January 18, 2021, edition of the podcast, I mentioned a recent conversation I had with Operation Lifesaver Executive Director Rachel Maleh.

We talked about railroad safety and how railfans can help spread the message and keep people safe along the tracks.

Watching trains and railfanning is fun. But as every railfan should know it’s only fun when done at a safe distance and respectful of trains.

Trains are potentially dangerous, and everyone should be safe around the tracks, whether they’re watching trains or crossing the tracks at a legal crossing is.

The number of rail incidents in the country is declining. But, as with so many issues in life, one is too many. It’s hard to believe, but in America, a train strikes a person or vehicle about every three hours.

— Todd DeFeo


  • Intro: “Waiting on My Train to Come,” recorded live at the Southeastern Railway Museum on Aug. 2, 2020. Written by Todd DeFeo, (c) 2006, 2020 by Todd DeFeo (ASCAP). From “A Guy Walks Into a Train Museum.”

Sound Effects

  • Diesel Horn: Recorded at the Southeastern Railway Museum on Nov. 14, 2020.
  • Steam Train: 1880s Train, recorded Sept. 12, 2020, in Hill City, South Dakota.

Show Notes

  • This conversation has been edited slightly to remove some brief moments of silence and snippets of dialogue for the sake of clarity.

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