A Guy Walks Into a Train Museum


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Todd DeFeo • A Guy Walks Into a Train Museum

  1. Roll Away Train
  2. Face Mask Blues
  3. Talking MCL
  4. New York Train
  5. Down in the Creek
  6. I Want to be a Bureaucrat
  7. Talking Working on the Railroad Blues
  8. An Unanticipated Instrumental
  9. Another Cup of Coffee
  10. The Iron Horse
  11. Off the Rails
  12. We’re Living in a Tabloid World
  13. Brother, Can You Spare a Sign?
  14. Looking for a Bailout
  15. Waiting on My Train to Come

Recorded live at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia, on August 2, 2020.

This is a soundboard recording.