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October 2, 2008 Railfanning.org 0

KobreGuide is featuring yesterday’s L.A. Times article on its Web page. Click here or here to check it out. When you’re done, click on some of the other links. A lot of interesting posts on the site.

Check Out the L.A. Times

October 1, 2008 Todd DeFeo 0

The L.A. Times quoted me in an article they published today: “Train hobbyists are loco for that motion.” Check it out by clicking here. Here’s a sneak peek: Towns across the nation have discovered that although they are in the middle of nowhere — perhaps because they are — they have become popular railfanning destinations. Rochelle, Ill., a town of 9,000 with a renowned freight crossing, built a park on an elevated piece of land where railfans can watch trains, complete with speakers broadcasting the transmissions of engineers and conductors. This summer, North Platte, Neb., opened a $4.5-million, 15-story-high platform

Good Old Steam

May 28, 2008 Todd DeFeo 0

I went to Chattanooga this weekend. Here’s the first of what will likely be several videos. This shows No. 610 steaming around the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum:

End of Track

May 17, 2008 Railfanning.org 0

NORCROSS, Ga. — From the looks of this sign, it looks as though someone didn’t heed the message on this sign. Didn’t see any derailed cars, though….

I’m Standing at the Station…

April 14, 2008 Railfanning.org 0

…And I’m Waiting on My Train to Come TOKYO — The subway car is silent except for the sound of metal wheels on metal rails as the train made its way beneath Tokyo’s busy streets. Commuters look at their cell phones, read newspapers or simply mind their own business. There is no conversation. It’s eerie just how quiet a busy subway in a major city can be. We finally made our way to Tokyo station where we planned to catch the Shinkansen. The Tokyo station was precise. Attendants clad in blue uniforms stood attention near a waiting Shinkansen. The train

An Interesting Read at The Washington Times

July 4, 2006 Railfanning.org 1

Check out this offering, "Daring robbery of Winchester mail train": The Winchester & Potomac was a 32-mile-long single-track line that linked Winchester with the B&O Railroad at Harpers Ferry. Although it was helpful to Virginia’s militia in the capture of Harpers Ferry at the beginning of the war, the Confederates in due course removed its iron rails and shipped them south. However, B&O afterward sold the company some rail, putting it back in business. Sometime early that afternoon, the men roused from their slumber and proceeded to a spot on the south side of the track, approximately halfway between Summit

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