R. J. Corman Buying Nashville Area Railroads

R.J. Corman No. 3501 is on display in Clarksville, Tenn., on Nov. 9, 2012 (Photo by Todd DeFeo)

R. J. Corman Railroad Co. is buying the Nashville & Eastern Railroad Corp., Nashville & Western Railroad Corp., Transit Solutions Group and three related operating entities.

The closing is subject to customary regulatory approvals. R. J. Corman expects to take over operations in January 2019.

The Nashville & Eastern family of companies were founded in 1986, marking the beginning of the restoration of the freight rail operations in central Tennessee.

The NERR is a 130-mile railroad, operating on leased track from the Nashville and Eastern Railroad Authority from Nashville to Monterey, Tenn. The NWR is an 18-mile railroad, operating on leased track from the Cheatham County Rail Authority from Nashville to Ashland City, Tenn.

Together, the NERR and NWR transport 12,000 carloads annually, interchanging with CSX in Nashville. They haul a diverse commodity mix, including chemicals, aggregates, waste, paper, energy products, metals and building materials, and have developed industrial transload facilities on both short lines.

Transit Solutions Group operates the Music City Star. The commuter line transports nearly 300,000 passengers annually between Nashville and Lebanon, Tenn.


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