Amtrak Unveils Specially-Painted Locomotive to Commemorate Operation Lifesaver 50th Anniversary

203, Amtrak, Operation Lifesaver, P42 Amtrak painted P42 #203 in a striking Operation Lifesaver livery, promoting the organizations 50th Anniversary (in 2022) and to further the message of rail safety across North America. The black locomotive features contrasting reflective-white and Safety Yellow messaing, such as, 'See Track, Thing Trains.' The front of the locomotive has the familiar yellow and black Railroad Crossing Warning road sign wrapped around the nose, creating an eye catching visual. Photo by Matt Donnelly at Amtrak's Washington DC Ivy City, shortly after being painted by the Beech Grove, IN facility. Amtrak has full rights, original copyright Matt Donnelly.

Amtrak has unveiled a specially-painted Amtrak P-42 diesel locomotive to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Operation Lifesaver.

Amtrak is one an Operation Lifesaver partner. The non-profit is organization dedicated to reducing railroad-related collisions, deaths and injuries across the United States, using the “3 E’s – Education, Engineering and Enforcement.”

The locomotive is emblazoned on both sides with the message, “See Tracks? Think Train!” The slogan is one of several major campaigns the organization conducts to connect with the public to increase visibility and awareness around trains and railroad tracks.

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“Amtrak and Operation Lifesaver have been partners for many years with the goal of educating the community on the importance of avoiding high-risk behavior on or near railroad crossings and tracks,” Amtrak President Stephen Gardner said. “We are proud to celebrate Operation Lifesaver in reaching a critical milestone. When you see this distinctive Amtrak locomotive travel through your community, you will be reminded of the importance of rail safety.”

Operation Lifesaver has programs in 46 states and Washington, D.C. Trained volunteers provide free safety presentations to law enforcement, first responders, school-aged children, school bus operators, truckers, student drivers and more, educating and empowering the public to make safe choices on and around railroad property.

“Over the past five decades, Operation Lifesaver and its safety partners have helped reduce railroad crossing incidents by 84 percent, from 12,000 in 1972, the year Operation Lifesaver started, to 1,900 in 2020. But, there is still work to be done. Every three hours in the U.S., a person or vehicle is hit by a train,” OLI Executive Director Rachel Maleh said. “Thank you to Amtrak for their continued partnership in sharing the rail safety message and for supporting Operation Lifesaver’s 50th anniversary with this commemorative locomotive that will travel across the country sharing the rail safety message in a very visual way. Together, we can stop track tragedies.”

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