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New Jersey

New York Penn Station Penn Station
Secaucus Junction Opened on December 15, 2003.
Manhattan Transfer Used from November 1910 until June 20, 1937.
Harrison PATH station; moved to its current location on June 20, 1937, and previously served the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Newark Penn Station
South Street (Newark) Closed.
Newark Liberty International Airport Opened on October 21, 2001.
North Elizabeth
South Elizabeth Closed.
North Rahway Renamed North Rahway from Scott Avenue circa January 1936; closed in 1993.
Colonia Closed.
Iselin Closed in 1972 after the opening of Metropark about a half-mile away.
Metropark Opened on November 14, 1971, as Garden State Metropark.
Menlo Park Closed 1957.
Robinvale The depot was located near the Grove Ave. crossing. It closed in 1911, and the building burned in March 1915.
Metuchen The first depot in this general vicinity opened in 1841. The current depot opened in 1888 and rededicated in 1979.
Lake Avenue Operated from 1870 until 1888, when the new Metuchen station opened. The railroad razed the structure by looping a cable around it and attaching it to a locomotive.
New Brunswick
Jersey Avenue Opened on October 24, 1963.
Princeton Junction
Hamilton Opened on February 16, 1999.

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