Metuchen Wreck Illustrated Railroad Woes of Late 1970s

July 31, 2015 Todd DeFeo 0

By the late 1970s, railroad were not in a state of good repair. The issue over railroad safety and repair became an issue after a June 1977 Conrail derailment in Metuchen, N.J. In that wreck, 17 cars derailed and took the busy Northeast Corridor out of commission.

The End of the Southern’s Crescent

October 2, 2012 Todd DeFeo 0

ATLANTA — While Amtrak started its operations in 1971, not all railroads gave up passenger service. Southern Railways’ Crescent route between New York and New Orleans was once such example. However, by May 1978, Southern was spending $560,000 per month operating the train, which passed through Atlanta. The railroad petitioned the Interstate Commerce Commission to discontinue the service, which at that point was the railroad’s only passenger route. In 1978, 195,000 people took the train, down dramatically from the roughly 9 million who used the service during World War II. On Dec. 13, 1978, Amtrak’s board of directors agreed to

Railroads’ Humble Beginning (Part II)

October 2, 2012 Todd DeFeo 0

In 1772, Oliver Evans created a 21-ton boat on wheels that could travel on both land and water. The vehicle boasted a paddle that helped it glide across the water. A steam engine helped it ride along the land.

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