Looking Back at the Budds Creek Railroad Disaster 153 Years Later

July 28, 2022, marks 153 years since the devastating Budds Creek railroad disaster in Montgomery County, Tennessee, along the Memphis, Clarksville & Louisville Railroad.

By 1 a.m. that day, the No. 2 express train was steaming toward Clarksville, Tennessee, when it approached a bridge crossing Budds Creek. Exactly what happened was the subject of considerable debate.

The train crashed into the creek bed below. A fire began to consume the train’s cars. Only the sleeping car at the rear of the train did not fall into Budds Creek. Five people ultimately died as a result of the wreck.

Some claimed sabotage was to blame for the wreck.

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In 2019, the Montgomery County government declared July 28, 2019, as Budds Creek Disaster Day of Remembrance.

Railfanning Review Podcast

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