French Postal Service Back on Track

November 22, 2006 News Wire 0

PARIS — The French postal service La Poste has reached agreement with SNCF, the national rail company, to create a joint rail-based high-speed courier service. The planned joint venture was announced on Monday by the two state-owned businesses. La Poste’s return to rail was prompted by stiff competition and rulings of the European Commission. In the late 1990s, mail train services were largely replaced by road and air shipment. Faced with European prohibitions on night flights, and the harmful effects of carbon emissions, La Poste changed its policy. There will be 3 TGV high-speed mail trains in the new fleet,

India Train Blast Leave Six Dead

November 22, 2006 News Wire 5

CALCUTTA, India — Six people were killed Monday, Nov. 20, and more than 80 people were injured when a bomb exploded on a passenger train. Authorities suspect terrorists planted a bomb in one of the train’s cars. The bomb denoted about 6:20 p.m. local time near Belacoba, a station located about 345 miles north of Calcutta, The Associated Press reported. The explosion blew the side and the roof off one of the cars, according to published reports. Local authorities believe either Maoist rebels or Assamese militants might be responsible for the attack, The Associated Press reported. — News Wire

Trains Collide in Eastern France

October 11, 2006 News Wire 0

PARIS – Two trains have collided head-on in eastern France at Zoufftgen in the Moselle region of France, close to the Luxembourg border, at around 11:45 local time earlier today. Based on initial reports, BBC News has suggested 10 passenger deaths as well as those of two train drivers involved in the incident and a trackside worker. French officials later confirmed at least 5 dead. The trains were a French freight train and a Luxembourgeois passenger train. The passenger train was traveling from Luxembourg to Nancy and the freight train was travelling from Thionville to Luxembourg. There are also at

GE to Supply 310 Locomotives to Kazakhstan

September 29, 2006 News Wire 0

ERIE, Pa. – General Electric Company signed a contract to supply 310 new Evolution Series locomotives for Kazakhstan’s national railway company, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (KTZ). The locomotives will be used to help KTZ move record amounts of goods and materials by rail, driven in large part to strong demand for transit, intermodal traffic and petroleum products. “By choosing Evolution Series locomotives, KTZ is investing in the very best technology available,” said John Dineen, President and CEO of GE Transportation. “I am proud that KTZ and GE are extending our relationship, one that has proven to be very beneficial to both

Transrapid Collision in Germany Kills 23

September 23, 2006 News Wire 0

A Transrapid maglev train traveling on the system’s test track in Lathen near the Netherlands border in Germany collided with a maintenance vehicle on the track, killing 23 people and severely injuring 10, according to Karl-Heinz Brueggeman, a spokesman for the rescue effort. The driverless train was estimated as operating at above 120 mph when the crash occurred around 9:30 a.m. local time. The unmanned train with 31 passengers aboard crashed into a maintenance wagon containing 2 workers. The train traveled about 0.6 miles from its departure station when it struck the maintenance vehicle. Debris from the accident was spread

Indian Railways to Use Wireless Communications to Improve Safety

September 20, 2006 News Wire 0

BOMBAY, India – Indian Railways will use wireless railway communications technology to help improve the safety and efficiency on one of the most important and busiest rail arteries in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, officials announced. The Nortel GSM-R network will provide highly sophisticated wireless communications along the 751-km, 90-station line connecting the major Uttar Pradesh industrial and business centers of Ghaziabad and Mugalsarai, according to Nortel. The wireless system will be used to connect train conductors, on-board crew, train dispatchers, station personnel and other operations groups, such as those responsible for attaching and separating rail cars at station

Five Killed in Egypt Wreck

September 19, 2006 News Wire 0

CAIRO, Egypt – The collision of a freight train and a passenger train just north of Cairo in the town of Shebin al-Qanater claimed five lives and injured another 30 people Sept. 4. It was reported that one of the dead was the engineer of the freight train. In August the director of rail service in Egypt was fired after a similar accident killed 58 people in the town of Qalyoub. A public inquiry into that accident is underway amid growing criticism of the goverment for lax rail safety and transport regulation. Mohammed Mansour, Egypt’s new director of transport has

Channel Tunnel Closed After Smoke Seen Coming From Train

August 21, 2006 News Wire 0

LONDON – Thirty-four people had to be evacuated this lunchtime after a fire started on a lorry that was being transported on a freight train in the Channel Tunnel. Eurotunnel, the operator of the Channel Tunnel, said all services had to be suspended this afternoon due to the small blaze in which nobody was hurt. John Keefe, a spokesman for Eurotunnel, said: “It was a freight shuttle going through with about 34 people on board, who have all been evacuated safely. “Eurotunnel is conducting checks of the tunnel and its equipment. Once these investigations are completed, Eurotunnel will commence a

Southern Section of Dutch High-Speed Rail Line Receives Certificate of Availability

August 16, 2006 News Wire 0

LONDON – The Dutch government presented the Certificate of Availability for the southern section of a high-speed rail connection between Rotterdam and the Belgian border. The certificate is an important step in achieving The Netherlands’ first high-speed rail link as the southern section is now open for operation. The certificate was presented July 28 to David Gedney, chief executive of Infraspeed and senior vice president operations of Fluor’s Infrastructure business line. The Fluor-led Infraspeed consortium was selected by the Dutch government to design, build, finance and maintain the HSL-Zuid high-speed rail connection for a period of 5 years for construction

Wabtec to Refurbish Passenger Cars for U.K. High-Speed Trains

August 16, 2006 News Wire 0

WILMERDING, Pa. – Wabtec Corp.’s Wabtec Rail subsidiary has signed a $27 million contract to refurbish 103 passenger cars for high-speed trains operated by Great North Eastern Railway Limited (GNER) of London. The project will begin immediately, with deliveries scheduled for 2007-08. “This contract represents an important milestone in the growth of our vehicle refurbishment capabilities at Wabtec Rail,” said Albert J. Neupaver, Wabtec’s president and chief executive officer. Under the contract, Wabtec Rail will refurbish the interior of the cars, including new seating, luggage racks and lighting, and will paint the exterior. The work will be performed at Wabtec

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